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how do you even function

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M.I.B Opening Video for their ‘Album Release Party.’ 130518

[English Translations]


Money in the building
puts your hands up chapter one
MIB leader zic zic zic on the floor
A playboy with a blood type O
who swears during every conversation
I was just living how I pleased
when I met three beasts, so
today is a new night
a day isn’t even two days (??)
the gazes of people looking at me like
“he’s a little rude”
the wolf cub who was raised by a tiger
what is he afraid of
yeah, I’m up for my family


I already told you
I’m a monster, Jungle’s lion
this beat is stoking the fire up, the next level is fire too
in seconds a cyon-like rap battle system
the soul that had been killed
grows stronger in zion
every day I’m gathering skills just like diet coke
Tok, shot in the throat, it grabs you and holds on
Friday, Saturday, Sunday every time
watch us on all three broadcasting stations
yeah I’m the best
if you do it, then do it certainly


Kangnam is a lady killer
on Cream spread real cream
spread it on 5zic’s tattoo to darken
as for Sims… just spread it
Bam bam ba ba bam bam
this is our manager
next to him is also our manager


ye $IM$ allegiance to my flag
on stage I’m crazy, I run around
I lose weight by sweating
I know people who know
I open my mouth in order to live
not like a crocodile who shuts up and stays still
the attitude of the kids who can’t answer
no matter how many times you ask
resonates annoyingly with me
on the other hand, free distribution of anger in one room
wicked pronunciation is heavy
tanning skin that’s still white
I run run Seoul Seoul
city city mine

(T/N: This is just the raps from the cypher they did in the opening video for the Release Party!) Credits: @miri_0202


Kim <3
kpop name: Toung cream (lol)


Kim <3

kpop name: Toung cream (lol)

bangtan idiots


bangtan practicing just one day




"oh yeah feelin the music hop hop! ^.^"


"im chic maknae don’t touch me"


and then we have taehyung…



taehyung is about 200% done

I am also 200% done with bangtan tbh

Looking for M.I.B "Men in Black" performance!


Writing here is really my last resort in this matter…I’m looking for .ts file (or .tp or any other HD file) for M.I.B “Men in Black” performance from 2013.08.09 from Music Bank. I looked everywhere but found only torrents which unfortunately don’t work.

If there is a kind soul who could share…

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